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  • Nail & Pedicure Service Martinsville, IN

  • Manicures

     A standard manicure usually includes trimming, shaping, filing, and buffing your nails, addressing your cuticles, which could include trimming and a cuticle oil treatment. Polish application can come in a few forms... regular polish, gel hybrid polish or powder dip polish. 

    Please note: Sidney & Girlfriends Nails & Day Spa provide nail services for kids, teens, and adults. Age limit requirements are as follows: Children 10 years and younger can book REGULAR polish manicure only.

    • Children and teens 11 - 13 years old can book GEL POLISH manicures with a parent consent form signed in the salon.
    • Teens 14 - 15 years old may book Nail Enhancements (artificial nails) with a signed parent consent form and a consultation with a parent and the teen BEFORE the appointment.
    • Teens and adults 16 years and older can book any manicure (enhancements) of their choice."

    Basic Spa Manicure ~ $25+ with regular polish

    Lumberjack Manicure ~ $20 regular manicure with no polish

    Gel Manicure ~ $33+ no extension. no artificial, only gel hybrid polish manicure application

    Girlfriends Spa Manicure ~ $48+ gel manicure with warm oil hand/nail treatment

    Dip Manicure ~ $40+ powder polish application, no extensions. 


    Artificial Nail Extensions/Enhancements 

     This section of nails is about the art of adding extensions/enhancements to the nail plate by choosing the shape and length you desired. There are many options to choose from in this section. Our fabulous nail artists can help you choose the best option for your nails and lifestyle. Please book one of these if you know you want more length than what you currently have. Not all of our nail artist offers enhancement or extension, so we want to make sure you are booked correctly with an artist that does. All of these nail enhancements/extensions require fill-ins every 2-3 weeks to keep your nails looking on point. 

    Acrylics ~ $53+ (includes enhancements include gel polish)

    Custom sets ~ $65+

    Powder Dip with Extensions ~ $60+

    Overlays ~ $50+

    Sculpt ~ $58+

    Express Full Coverage Gel Extends ~ $65+

    Powder Dip with Extensions ~ $60+

    Hard Gel ~ $70+

    Forever Pink & Whites ~ $70+

    Bad & Boujee Set ~ $125


    Fill in, back fills and rebalances start at $38 based on service needed

    Add $$ for encapsulation, long lengths, art, crystals, extreme art, ombre, custom sets, reshapes


    *Add nail art to any nail service by adding the art option to your appointment when booking We love to do art, but we need the extra time depending on desired look. Please understand that some of the Pinterest art takes longer than the 15 minutes allotted for the art service. We will advise you up front if there is enough time for that specific art, if not we will suggest something similar to the timing, we have available for you. 

    *Custom press-on nails are available with consultation. During quarantine we mastered the art of making luxury quality press-on. Our clients loved the hand painted, embellished, long or short personalized nails that they can wear over and over again.  Perfect to have a set on hand for those times you are in a rush, or an emergency and you need to look like you just stepped out of the nail salon. Toenail sets are also available! 


    Whether you’re looking for your first-ever spa treatment, want to have a fun and relaxing hour with a friend, need a way to unwind after a difficult week, or simply want to look your best for the weekend, a pedicure should be at the top of your to-do list. However, with so many pedicure types available at most spas and nail salons today, you may not know which one is best for you and your feet as not all feet require or need to same attention. Excessive Calluses don’t happen over night, therefore they can’t be responsibly all removed in one pedicure session. However booking a pedicure, you are on the right track to smooth feet. 

    *Add gel polish to any pedicure service $20. Make sure and book it so we can book your appointment correctly as not all of our techs offer gel polish application. 


    Marilyn pedicure ~ $33

    Enjoy this express pedicure for the one on the go pressed for time. No callus work included in this 30-minute service. Soak, toe nail care, sugar scrub exfoliate with a swift massage and finish up with regular polish. 

    Audrey pedicure ~ $43 

    Enjoy a 50 minute spa pedicure that includes, soak, toe nail care, cuticles, mask, scrub, lite callus care, massage, regular polish application.

    Girlfriends Spa pedicure ~ $58

    Warm oil foot treatment added to our Audrey pedicure. Warm oil treatments have many benefits including removing dead skin cells, hydrating calluses areas, boosting moisture in skin. 

    Seasonal Organic Pedicure ~ $45

    Enjoy our spa pedicure featuring our organic sugar scrub & body butter sets. Scents change each season. Regular polish application.

    Cleopatra Fizzy Mimosa/Sorbet Pedicure ~ $50

    The foot Experience... Get fizzy! Let your skin drink up all of the benefits of our all-in-one Mint Mimosa or Raspberry Sorbet O2 Fizz. This spa pedicure includes a fizz powder creates a unique, enjoyable experience that helps to detoxify feet and enhance blood circulation. With a refreshing, mint-meets-citrus scent, it's the perfect pick-me-up for your mood and skin. Eliminate impurities, soften skin, and replenish moisture. (Toenail care, cuticle detailing, callus care, exfoliant, mask, massage, regular polish application) 60 minutes

    Lumberjack pedicure ~ $38

    Enjoy this 45–50-minute spa pedicure using our charcoal line (mix of charcoal, modeling gel and collagen powder with nurture powder and strong barrier), no polish application.

     CBD (botanical herbal based) pedicure ~ $50

    This Deluxe pedicure is infused with Hemp-derived Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and Organic Virgin Olive Oil to deliver an intense dose of moisture and instantly soothe irritation and calm skin, bringing comfort and relaxation to the senses. Hemp Relax contains non-intoxicating Hemp Seed Oil mixed with Natural extracts and Organic Virgin Olive Oil that give this pedicure a unique signature scent to enhance the calming experience. Hemp Relax is non-psychoactive and does not contain THC (soak, nail trimming/shaping, cuticle care, callus care, mask, massage) 50 minutes.


     Sidney's VIP Golden Pedicure ~ $70 

    This is for the client who wants the ultimate luxury experience with our Shimmery Golden Pedicure. This all-in-one sparkly pedicure is infused with Vanilla bean extract that transforms the skin from dull to smooth & radiant! Start with a detoxifying salt soak, toenail care, sugar scrub to gently help exfoliate dead skin, callus work, mud masque & hot towels for extra hydration, cooling gel mask with hot stones for a fire & ice combo that calms and cools reducing inflammation, massage butter, warm oil paraffin treatment to restore softness and elasticity, regular polish. Get your toes ready to twinkle with this VIP pedicure that brings glittery, gold flecks with every step! 60-75 minutes



    MediSpa Specialty Pedicure Services


    Diabetic Pedicure ~ $60

    Enjoy this spa pedicure using the Urea MediSpa line. Perfect for diabetics or people with extremely dry issues. See results after just one treatment. This service is great for those who have extremely dry skin. The hygroscopic nature of Urea allows processing into the layers of the epidermis allowing the skin to naturally heal itself from the inside out. (Soak 15% urea, nail care, callus care, Seaweed urea scrub 12%, skin hydration 10 % urea mask, massage urea 10% cream, polish) The Urea Foot Series offers optimum care for very dry and sensitive skin. What is urea? Urea is a compound found naturally in the human body and exists in every healthy cell! When the skin is dry, the natural content of the body's urea is minimized. As an ingredient in many dermatological skincare products, urea promotes rehydration of the skin -- it is unmatched for its hydrating properties. Specifically, urea can increase water content to the skin to an unbelievable level at 97.8%.

    Citrus Pedicure ~ $65 

    Enjoy this spa pedicure using the Citrus MediSpa line. Perfect for those needing more callus attention, clarifying, detox and anti-aging treatment. This pedicure is a youth boosting service that gently and effectively exfoliates, brightens and tones dry, patchy skin. The powerful combination of citric acid, linoleic acid, shea butter, oils of lemon, peppermint, avocado and almond, provide powerful anti-aging properties while intensively nourishing to skin. (Sea salt soak with lemongrass & lime, nail care, callus care, shea & almond oil mask, hot towels, massage treatment, polish application) 

    Red Wine Leaf Pedicure ~ $75

    Enjoy this hot new Vino-therapy spa pedicure using the Red Wine Leaf MediSpa line. Refresh tired, swollen legs & improving circulation with this powerhouse treatment. This pedicure defies tired feet and legs in a single treatment! Nourish and invigorate stressed feet and legs with the Red Wine Leaf Foot Care series. (Soak in a moisturizing foot bath with chestnut, birch tree and red grape leaf, nail care, callus care, scrub peel with red grape leaf, birch tree and chestnut. warming gel with red wine leaf, birch, conker as well as allantoin, panthenol and menthyl lactate create a relaxing and strengthening gel - a true delight! Hot towels, massage, polish and a little bubbly) This pedicure is a luxurious service that stimulates new cell generation and vein health all with the powerful antioxidant ingredients found in the Red Wine Leaf series. Everyone deserves a little vino therapy! 


    Clinical Based Pedicure with Registered CMP/Global Meticulous Manicurist Certified/Advanced Pedicure Care ~ $89

    This pedicure is a non-medical advanced European esthetic pedicure. It is for those who have more toe/foot issues than normal. Not enough for a Dr. and too embarrassed for people to see your feet? Then this is the perfect service for you. I start this service with a full foot/toe/leg consultation. At this time, we address the issues that brought you in. (excessive callus, cracks, fissures, corns, thick toenails, pincher nails, impacted nails, nail deformity, arches, footwear, skin/nail disorders, prosthetics, cosmetic treatment/services & simple exercises to make daily life easier.) And let's face it some things you may not even know that are happening down there! As a register CMP with the North American School of Podology & Global Meticulous Manicurist Certification completed. I can help divide/concur any issue within the scope of my professional license to transform your toenails/feet. This service also comes with a take home product for home follow up. When your feet are feeling good it sets the foundation for the rest of your body to fall into the right places.

    Toenail Reconstruction ~ $40 

    *Do you have a toenail that is keeping you from feeling comfortable in your open toed shoes? We can fix that! Reconstructive toenail correction to form out a new toenail with a anti-fungal resin (not acrylic) $40 per nail or $65 for 2 corrective toenails. *$110 for a perfect 10 toenails. 


  • Toenail Restoration Bare Foot Certified ~ $40+

    Do you have a toe nail that is keeping you from feeling comfortable in your open toed shoes? We can fix that! Reconstructive toenail correction to form out a new toe nail with resin (not acrylic). $40 per nail or $65 for 2 corrective toe nails. *$110 for a 10 perfect toe nails.