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  • Permanent Makeup Martinsville, IN

  • Stop imagining what perfectly shaped brows, well-defined eyes, and lasting lip color would do for you. Imagine being free from daily applied makeup that smears, smudges and disappears during the day. Imaging waking up every day looking your best!

    During your consultation we will explain our technique and approach and actively listen to your expectations. We will use your face as a canvas to show you a customized artist rendition of your outcome before you start…a peek into the possibilities.

    • Fades true to color with comfort management.
    • Eyebrows are created with a Natural Hair Stroke and are custom designed just for you (No Stencils) allowing for a 3 dimensional shape and added dimension to the eye. Additional hair strokes can be added to thinning brows.
      • Nano Brows ($500): Defined adn realistic hair strokes to create styled, symmetrical eyebrows. This technique is done with a tattoo machine to penetrate deeper into the skin. Results typically last 2-4 years before needing retouched. 
      • Permanent Brow Removal ($150/session or $650 pkg of 5): Saline brow removal is an innovative technique created to break up and draw pigment from the skin. This is the only alternative to tattoo laser removal or isolated chemical peels. This service is for clients looking to correct shape, color, and style from previous permanent makeup. Corrective application services can be done after this series to achieve your desired results. 
      • Body Art Tattoo: Express yourself with living art! Josie is a licensed tattoo artist with a focus on creating bold beautiful designs. She specializes in minimalism, linework, lettering, blackwork, illustrated-like designs. She also loves to play around with fun traditional, neo-traditional, and ornamental traditional art.